The Strathcona Collective is a FREE publication funded by local, generous and like-minded advertisers driven to showcase the excellence of their businesses and their community.



Our demographic is you. We are appealing to an audience that is both emerging and established in and around the Strathcona region. With a modern aesthetic and a traditional perspective, we will support and build our community and local economy together.


We see value in community. We are bridging the generations and ways of thinking to network the people of the Strathcona region and the rest of Vancouver Island.


We will tell compelling stories and share exciting locations serving not just as an entertaining publication but also as a research tool to help explore the Strathcona area.


We are creating an outlet for photographers, artists and writers to showcase their work and the subjects that matter to them. With so many talented people in our region lacking exposure, we are establishing a platform to showcase them.


Advertisers are not just buying an ad in a magazine they are joining a collective and a community. We see every advertiser and artist submitting to Strathcona Collective as integral, together making this THE destination on Vancouver Island to create, play and explore.


We are creating new fresh ads and ‘advertorials’ with unique formats, and integrated content marketing to better reach our readers and promote our supporters.


We care about where we live, so we are dedicating a full page space to highlight a local not for profit in every issue we publish.


Strathcona is a high quality and substantial publication representing the Strathcona region in a highly creative and professional way. With a clean format and strong written and image content, this will be a ‘coffee table book’ you will be proud to display in your home or place of business.



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