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Hayley Zumkeller Photography Campbell River Photographer Victoria BC Photographer

Hayley Zumkeller

Community Engagement / Photos

Hayley is a lifestyle Photographer & Videographer on Vancouver Island creating bold and breathtaking visuals for my clients.  She specializes in lifestyle photography such as Weddings, Engagements, and Family Photos, while also working with local businesses to provide creative branding content.

As a Campbell River local, she has a deep passion for endlessly exploring and finding new hidden gems. The beach, lake, river, forest, are where she feels most confident – right before sunset. Outdoor photography is a skill that comes naturally. Her goal is to capture true, genuine moments for people to look back on for the rest of their lives. See Hayley’s work or Read about Hayley’s work

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Carving a Niche

Words By Chris Zumkeller
Photos By Hayley Zumkeller
Chris Zumkeller’s Journey as a Craftsman. Working with wood has been a long-standing family tradition that I almost overlooked as a career choice. In...



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Get on the Loop

Words By Laurel Sliskovic
& Laurel Cronk
Photos By Hayley Zumkeller
Encircling and connecting the community of Campbell River’s beloved green spaces. As we pedal our bicycles through the rambling, majestic forest of...



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If Dogs Could Talk

Words By Mary Ruth Snyder
Photo By Hayley Zumkeller
The Adventures of Cole and Archie. Sleeping soundly, Cole nuzzled into the duvet and Archie was curled in his favourite blanket—you would think nothing...

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