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Mary Ruth Snyder


Mary Ruth spent the first quarter of her life, assuming she lives to be 110, in the heart of southern Ontario’s agricultural mecca of Essex and Kent counties. Known as one of the most competitive media markets in all of North America—the seed of writing and journalism had taken root. After a year exploring Europe, back on Canadian soil she landed in Victoria, BC — a few days later informing her family she would be living in British Columbia for the rest of her life. 29 years and counting — the first 18 in Victoria, the next 8 in the Comox Valley, the last 3 in Campbell River and now Sayward — Mary Ruth embraces every opportunity to share stories of adventure, discovery and experience.



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If Dogs Could Talk

Words By Mary Ruth Snyder
Photo By Hayley Zumkeller
The Adventures of Cole and Archie. Sleeping soundly, Cole nuzzled into the duvet and Archie was curled in his favourite blanket—you would think nothing...

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