Editor's Vision

Words by Laurel Sliskovic
Photos by Jenn Dykstra

Seeing Campbell River and the Strathcona region come together for the Strathcona Collective has made me laugh, shed a few tears, and relish in the absolute love and energy people have for this community. My vision of where I create, play, and explore is full of people and spaces that are diverse and interconnected, passionate and feisty, hardworking and leisurely, giving and taking, and I am stoked that this premier issue of Strathcona Collective reflects the myriad of what this community was, is, and will be.

As I read through the stories and take in the artistry of what our contributors have shared, I am uplifted by all that we get to experience in this spectacular place in the world. I’ve been living in Campbell River for seven years, and I’m consistently curious about all of the people who have chosen to make the Strathcona region their home. I’ve met community leaders who can trace their ancestry back multiple generations, and visionaries who have recently discovered and relocated to this majestic place. Like so many Vancouver Island communities, we are experiencing tremendous growth—growth that has both positive and negative impacts on our natural environment, economy, and social connectivity.

Each and every one of us has something meaningful to contribute—newcomers and old-timers alike can all be part of making Strathcona a vibrant and inclusive place to be. We have to seek out ways to invite each other in and embrace one another when we show up. 2020 is a great year to launch the Strathcona Collective. We want to help residents and visitors explore the potential of our dynamic and resilient region. We want to be a community where people can come together, share stories, and get to know one another.

As a sister publication to the CV Collective, the Strathcona Collective is demonstrating that we are simultaneously similar to and different from our neighbours, and these are things to celebrate! From the writers to the publishers, the designers to the advertisers, the photographers to the illustrators, and all of the readers of the two Collectives, we’re part of this. I encourage all of us to keep connecting, notice your neighbours, be active, and learn about the people and the organizations who are making Strathcona a place where we can all thrive. Thank you to each and every one of the visionaries, leaders, and doers within this community. I see you.